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Are You Ready for Tax Season?

When you own a small business, tax preparation doesn’t happen once a year. It’s a constant struggle to stay organized weekly so that your monthly and quarterly (and sometimes bi-weekly) taxes are in order as soon as you need them. Getting ready for tax season is even more complicated. Whether you have a bookkeeper to do the organizational part for you or you do it yourself, tax season requires hands-on, focused skill and effort to ensure you don’t end up paying more than you are responsible for or being assessed fines and fees. As a business owner filing taxes, you must have knowledge of all of the forms you need and how to complete them. This varies based on the industry you are in and the size and type of your business, as well as other factors. You must also make time to meet with your bookkeeper to prepare all of your previous taxes and this year’s current accounts. Along with those necessities, little but important tasks must be completed, like updating your mileage log for your personal vehicle if it was used for business purposes. Then you need to collect all of the documentation you will need when you file your taxes, like your income statement, credit card and bank statements, payroll documents, etc. 

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Let Us File Your Tax Returns


It’s actually highly recommended by many experts that if you aren’t a professional, you don’t file your own tax returns, even if you use online tax software. This is for many good reasons: You may not know what you’re missing and this missing information could be crucial to your taxes, your business may require following special filing rules, and, if you’re audited, the responsibility lies solely on you.

Between all of these tasks, itemizing all of your out-of-pocket expenses, and completing the other dozens of steps to get your taxes prepared, doesn’t it make sense to let a professional at ProFinance take care of the hard work for you?

ProFinance tax preparers walk you through a step-by-step checklist to take the stress out of getting your taxes filed. As your tax preparer, we will advise you throughout the business year, help you plan your taxes and make important decisions, and assist you in keeping your documentation organized.

During tax season, we will prepare your tax return. And, if you are ever audited, a ProFinance expert will help you through the process.

Eliminate your tax preparing stress by calling ProFinance today to see how we can help you with your tax essentials.

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