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Pines Homes & Remodeling

“Joseph not only got me the money I needed fast, he got it at a way better rate than everyone else was offering! I was funded within 24 hours and was able to purchase the materials needed to complete a big project. And to top it all off, he got me approved for a line of credit.” Chad W.

LiftHome Properties

“Real estate investing is no easy task, but Joseph was able to relieve one of our biggest pain points, liquid cash! After talking with him and devising a plan we hit the ground running. I adjusted my bank balances and within 90 days, I was approved for a hefty Line of Credit. Everyone else wanted me to take a cash advance and Joseph set me to get what I wanted, a revolving Line of Credit.” Phyllis D. 

Western Orthodontics

“I was skeptical at first, everything that Evan at ProFinance said sounded too good to be true. Long story short, after credit repair I was able to receive bridge financing and a pre-approval for a $350K SBA loan. Its still hard for me to believe that they were able to do all of this within 30 days! I don’t know how they did it but I am glad I found them. Best kept secret in the game.” Charles F. 

Guns Plus

“The real deal right here! These guys at ProFinance saved me over $2,000 a month in just credit card processing fees alone! I’m set up in their credit repair and plan on getting a SBA and a line of credit from them in the next few months. Highly recommend.” Ronald