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SBA loans are a common source of funding for small business owners. They are business loans that are guaranteed by the Small Business Association, so they’re set up specifically for what you, as an entrepreneur, need. Discover more about our SBA loans and how you can get approved for one.

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Line of Credit

A business line of credit works similarly to a credit card. You apply for the funding and, when you are approved for a certain amount, you have access to the funds as you need them up to your credit limit. As you make payments on your current balance, you can use that money again until your term limit is reached.

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Cash Advance

When you as a small business owner need money fast or you may not qualify for a common loan, there are alternative lending options like a cash advance. In this type of funding, you simply sell a portion of your future sales to a lender. Find out more by clicking below.



When you need a fast construction fix but are waiting on the insurance companies to do their part, it can be a long delay. With our proprietary financing method, ProFactorTM, we help you get a jumpstart on the construction you need without waiting for the insurance company.

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Equipment Financing 

From computers and software to ovens and vehicles, if your business relies heavily on a machine to generate your income, you can’t afford the delay that happens when it breaks down. If you need to replace your faulty machines or upgrade to a more efficient model, ProFinance can help you get the funds you need to get back in business quickly.

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Invoice/AR Factoring

Invoice, or Accounts Receivable, factoring is an alternative lending option for small business owners who need cash fast, but it is tied up in invoices. If you’re waiting anywhere from 30 to 90 days to get paid but you need money now, invoice factoring through ProFinance may be the answer to your problems.

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Supply Chain Financing

An often-untapped source of capital in a company lies in its supply chain. This relatively new alternative lending option is known as supply chain finance, or reverse factoring. Through this type of financing, businesses can optimize their cash flow by lengthening their repayment terms to their suppliers.

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Business Consolidation

Instead of tackling several small loans with varying interest rates and term maturity dates, many savvy business owners choose to consolidate their debt into one larger loan. ProFinance can help you avoid late fees, knock out smaller debts with large interest rates, and get a handle on your finances with our debt consolidation loans.

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StartUp Funding 

Startups are different than other small businesses. They are designed with a business model in mind that will help them scale to a wide audience in a short time. Don’t let funding keep your amazing ideas from the world. Contact ProFinance today to see how we can assist you in growing your startup into success.

Additional Services

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What used to be an industry monopolized mostly by banks is now an area where private lenders like ProFinance have stepped in to help you consolidate your student loans. If you have multiple private or federal loans with high interest rates, a student debt consolidation loan may be a smart way to pay off those outstanding debts faster and easier every month.

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Payroll Services

Managing a complex, involved matter like payroll can be stressful. It can even be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees and fines down the road. Instead of hiring someone to come into your business as a full-time employee, though, paying workers’ compensation, taxes, and perks many companies choose to outsource their payroll services.

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Credit Repair (Personal & Business)

When you need a fast construction fix but are waiting on the insurance companies to do their part, it can be a long delay. Instead of waiting your turn in line and possibly risking a significant hit to your income, turn to ProFinance for a unique lending alternative for insurance collections. With our proprietary financing method, ProFactorTM, we help you get a jumpstart on the construction you need without waiting for the insurance company.

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Merchant (Credit Card) Processing

When your credit is less than optimal, it can cost you thousands of dollars every year. Subprime credit scores result in loans or credit cards with higher interest rates that carry stricter terms than those approved for people with good credit. ProFinance is a credit repair company that helps you improve both your personal and business credit. ProFactorTM works by lending construction, roofing, and restoration companies the money they would be direct billing the insurance company. 

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Tax Preparation

Whether you have a bookkeeper to do the organizational part for you or you do it yourself, tax season requires hands-on, focused skill and effort to ensure you don’t end up paying more than you are responsible for or being assessed fines and fees.

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