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Business Credit Repair

Business Credit Repair

When it comes to credit repair for your business, there’s a lot to learn. Your credit score impacts your life in more ways than you may think. With a good credit score, you will have a better chance approved for loans and credit cards, and you will be paying a much...

How to Start Building Credit

How to Start Building Credit

When it comes to building credit, you must first understand what contributes to your score. Maybe you don’t have a credit history, or just a poor one. There’s a lot of factors to consider before you learn how to start building your credit.  Poor credit, or no...

5 DIY Credit Repair Tips

When it comes to credit repair, there are a few DIY steps you can personally take. The benefits of improving your credit bring a higher score over time and more opportunities to advance in life.

When someone has poor credit history, obtaining a stable future can be difficult. It’s important not to take your score lightly if it’s currently less than ideal. Having poor credit can hold you back from things like approved loan applications, credit cards and many other forms of obtaining credit.

DIY credit repair can feel pretty overwhelming to take on. With step by step guides from credit repair experts at Pro Finance, we have simplified the process of improving your credit.

How to Fix Your Credit Score

How to Fix Your Credit Score

Poor credit affects your life in more ways than the average person realizes.

Low credit scores sabotage the chance of loan approvals. They also create higher interest rates on loans or credit card applications that do get approved. Limiting your chances for a well rounded loan and creating much stricter contract terms.

You shouldn’t have to depend on a cosigner for loans needed in everyday life. Low credit scores make you dependent on others for the purchase of things such as a new car, home, or even just renting.

If you own a business, low credit can prohibit you from expanding. Though you can reach out to credit counseling agencies, getting your finances in check is only the beginning.

Fixing your credit score isn’t an overnight fix, but it is possible! At Pro Finance we specialize in credit repair. Helping you improve your personal or business credit with our easy step-by-step process.